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Criminal Defense You Can Trust

At the Lowe Law Firm in Oklahoma, we listen to you. Attorney Jason Lowe understands that court is intimidating when you aren’t familiar with the procedures. The Lowe Law Firm will ensure you understand every aspect of your case. Our attorneys are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout your representation.

Experienced & Aggressive Legal Representation in Oklahoma

Our criminal defense lawyers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton also understand that this is your case and you should be in charge. As a result, we will use our extensive legal expertise to advise you, but ultimately, your case remains your own and you will make the important decisions. The attorneys at The Lowe Law Firm will always tailor your legal representation to meet your needs and work to get the end results you desire.

Do you know your rights? Is your reputation at stake? A strong defense is the best way for you to protect yourself against criminal charges. The Lowe Law Firm is a criminal defense firm that is dedicated to upholding defendants’ rights and protecting them from unnecessary conviction and the consequences thereof. Therefore, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney Jason Lowe handles both misdemeanor and felony cases in city, county and state courts throughout Oklahoma, as well as provide federal court defense. Whether you are facing a year in jail or a lifetime in prison, we will provide the aggressive defense representation you need to realize a successful outcome to your case.

Lowe Law Firm wants to offer you legal services. To make this possible, we strive to be completely accessible to you. Likewise, we provide free initial consultations, flexible payment plans and flexible office hours. If you’re looking for a lawyer, call The Lowe Law Firm to find out how we can work together to meet your legal needs.

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